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Functional Medicine Today

In this issue we focus on Circadian rhythms (your body clock), Inflammation resolution and Microbiome testing.
The Circadian rhythms are based on the time of day/night your body, organs systems and cells function optimally. Your body clock regulates digestion, metabolism, sleep and also hormones.
An example would be fasting overnight (for 12 hrs or more) and eating within an 8 hr window during the day improves blood sugar regulation. The research also showed people slept better if going to bed before 10pm and get up when daylight started. There is also a very interesting new app that helps you understand your bodies rhythms while contributing to research. Go to to find out more.
Unresolved inflammation is the main driver behind many chronic conditions. Inflammation is not a malfunction of the body, but a necessary process when there is tissue trauma. However as we age inflammatory triggers accumulate and promote age-related chronic disease. Whilst minimising inflammatory triggers is an important strategy we also need to look at making sure it resolves. Resolving inflammation does not mean suppressing it but rather supporting the different healing stages. If you like more information or have concerns about this, come into the store and talk to one of our professional practitioners orr make an appointment at our clinic for a more in depth consultation.

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