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Autumnal News

This Autumn we begin with the principles of Naturopathic practitioners in our series of Functional Medicine. All our practitioners follow this code.
Naturopathic health looks at the broader aspects of health and addresses the whole person to restore homeostasis or balance. Although we commonly help with acute conditions our role is focused on prevention of disease.
Also included are some interesting facts on aspirin, natural water treatments, a delicious recipe and cooling and warming herbs depending on what you need.

With the changing weather we recommend as always to be proactive about your health and start supporting your immune system with some simple tips.

1. Get your Zinc levels checked in store.
2. Continue eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to replenish your nutrient levels.
3. Get adequate and or restful sleep to restore immune function.
4. Go outside to catch midday sun or top up your vitamin D levels.

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