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Sugar in our Blood

In our latest Newsletter we discuss blood sugar levels and how it can impact on our health.
Although our species has evolved and our daily requirements have changed somewhat from our origins we still have kept some basic instincts for survival.
We discuss how our society today consumes more high energy foods and the reasons why we tend to over consume.
The impact of sugars on our metabolism, hormones, digestion and other organ systems have significant effect and impact on our wellbeing.
We look at what type of foods we need to be trending towards and how certain foods, herbs and lifestyle choices can help.

In our Cafe section we have some suggestions to increase the variety of beneficial and deliciously satisfying meals.
Come and be inspired to either try something new or expand your horizons on different health promoting options.
We have a great variety of salads and beverages available and also offer insightful advise on health in our dispensary and clinic.

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