The Herb Centre specialises in prescribing and dispensing naturopathic prescription only medicines which includes liquid herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, and other supplements not available elsewhere. 

Prescription only medicine simply means only qualified health care practitioners can dispense these health products. As our shop staff are all highly qualified naturopaths, medical herbalists, and holistic nutritionists, we will write a prescription for you when you purchase one of these products. 

Herbal extracts in liquid form provide the ability to formulate a medicine using either single or a combination of herbs specifically designed for you. This means we are able to treat a range of symptoms and health issues with a tincture. Our naturopaths and medical herbalists can prescribe a custom made formula for you.


Prescription only medicines are all manufactured to the highest quality and are standardised. This ensures they are effective and safe to use and often more cost effective.  

Our wide range of medicines are from companies who have a strong emphasis on research and development. These include: 


Metagenics is recognised as a leader in the manufacturing of nutritional and herbal supplements and professional education. 

Supplements are developed after consideration of both scientific and clinical research and contain effective but safe amounts of active constituents. Rigorous quality control ensures supplements are low in allergy excipients, heavy metals and pesticides.


Phytomed Medicinal Herbs is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specialises in producing high quality, efficacious and safe herbal medicines. 

The company was founded by Phil Rasmussen who is a highly respected medical herbalist and trained pharmacist. This emphasises their commitment to validating and promoting therapeutic properties of herbal medicines through good quality research. The company also focuses on promoting the medicinal use of our native New Zealand flora cultivated or wild crafted in a sustainable and ethically sound manner.


The MediHerb range of herbal medicine has been developed by co-founder Professor Kerry Bone who combines time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with scientific research to produce a high quality range of herbal tablets and liquids. MediHerb's commitment to producing supplements means raw material undergo vigorous testing before advanced manufacturing and processing techniques ensure a consistently high quality product is produced.


The Orthoplex range specialises in innovative nutritional supplements which are carefully formulated with nutrients and co factors that work synergistically in the body to help support optimal health. The founder Henry Osiecki is a trained Biochemist, Dietician and Nutritionist who has combined his knowledge with cutting edge nutritional research to develop the Orthoplex range.


Thorne Research was developed 25 years ago and is now recognised as one of the leading companies in nutritional supplements with a strong focus on manufacturing pure, hypoallergenic and efficacious supplements. 

Thorne products have been selected by several Universities for research due to their commitment to high standards and exceptional formulations which withstand scientific scrutiny. Thorne's philosophy is to "provide the purest nutritional supplements possible" with a serious commitment to people's health and well-being which is reflected in the quality of their products.


Bioceuticals is an Australian, family owned company with a strong commitment to providing safe and effective supplements. Only the highest quality ingredients are used while stringent standards and testing ensures there nutritional supplements are clean, uncontaminated and clinically effective.