Maria Hoogeveen

Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists, Bioresonance & NET Practitioners

Maria Hoogeveen has been working in the health industry for many years. She practices as a trained and qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and bioresonance therapist.  

At Advanced Naturopathics Maria expands the horizons of the natural health profession by providing a unique blend of evidence-based complementary medicine and leading-edge technology in her scope of practice. She offers a variety of health services and is particularly interested in allergy testing, allergy desensitization, chronic health conditions, and quit smoking programs.

Encouraging and educating people in regards to healthy lifestyles is a core part of the philosophy of Advanced Naturopathics. Maria's ability to communicate with compassion and understanding about their clients’ health challenges and solutions shows that she recognize the importance of delivering outstanding service and extraordinary care.