Debbie Johnston - Massage Away

Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

I was born in Hampshire, England and came to beautiful Christchurch in 2002. I met my lovely husband here who I have been happily married to for 10 years and we now have 3 gorgeous children, Annabelle, Olivia, and Daniel.

I trained in the UK in 1998 as a Radiographer and still practice part time at the Pacific Radiology Group in Christchurch. After having my two daughters I decided that I wanted to learn a new skill and I have always had a very keen interest in massage and the extremely positive effects it has on the health and well-being of a person.

I decided to train in Relaxation massage at the New Zealand College of Massage, practicing initially in a beauty therapist practice and have now started my own business at the Herb Centre.I also specialize in Myofascial work and Pregnancy massage. Receiving a massage has many benefits including aiding sleep, helping with Posture, relaxation and generally allowing us to feel better and, quite often...happier.

I believe each person I treat should not only leave happy and positive, but also feeling that they have had their treatment tailored specifically for them and their individual condition. Massage is a fantastic way of getting rid of aches and pains built up by the everyday stresses of life and tension in muscles which result.