Bobbie Reed-Collier 

Breathe Relax Reflexology


After bringing up 3 children, I decided in 2013 to start a new career, one that could fit with our family and lifestyle.
I have always had an interest in acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. I enjoyed getting back to basics with some of the holistic therapies available. Then, after having had personal experience of how effective reflexology is, I decided to make this my focus.

I have spent many years working in high pressured jobs, and are very aware of how the effects of stress can impact on our health and well-being and how important it is to look after ourselves.

Reflexology is a powerful healing practice based on the premise that your entire body is mirrored on the feet, hands and ears through a system of reflexes. Using special techniques, reflexology stimulates these reflexes prompting a natural healing response.​

Reflexology helps to create a healthy harmonious state within the body and triggers the body’s natural powers of self healing. It stimulates the nerve pathways, induces muscle relaxation, and helps the body to balance itself.

Reflexology can be considered ideal for:
• relieving pain, stress and tension
• reducing stress and tension
• acute and chronic conditions
• pregnancy
• improving nerve and blood supply function
• balancing the whole system (homeostasis)
• revitalising energy
• activating the body to cleanse toxins and impurities
• a preventative therapy
• children and adults of all ages

Within the health field today, reflexology is increasingly being defined as a ‘Complementary Alternative Medicine’ (CAM). When used in conjunction with other medical practises, doctors find benefits such as physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.